South Africa: Power and warmth

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South Africa’s biodynamic movement was shaped by Jeanne Malherbe, whose work can still be experienced today, especially in the many biodynamic wineries.

There is an extremely active biodynamic movement in South Africa, which is making fascinating efforts to educate young people. Helen van Zyl is tirelessly engaged in the sense of this particular task. Because they have no land, many young highly interested people hardly get the chance to work independently and creatively on their own farm. Biodynamic education wants to change this and needs support to do so. Georg Meißner and I have had the opportunity several times to experience these young people in Wanderschule workshops around the topics of viticulture, composting, preparation work and soil development and to be inspired by their enthusiasm. What joy and warmth! A great task for all involved and committed people!
Hans Supenkämper
Picture: Compost workshop at the biodynamic training group South Africa

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