Turkey: Understanding biodynamics better

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A strong biodynamic community is emerging in Turkey

MMehmet Unal, responsible for the Demeter control of Aydin Gülyagi’s rose farm, asked me a few years ago: “How can I better understand biodynamic agriculture?” That was the initial impulse for the founding of Wanderschule. Since then we have been supporting the committed pioneers in their biodynamic development work in Turkey. In October 2015 the first Demeter conference took place there. Almost 100 people took part, exchanging ideas about wooden barrels, preparations, compost and compost tea. Among them was Arzu Duran, whose tireless efforts made the founding of “Demeter Turkey” possible. Her farm and the associated Rumi training centre have developed into a living centre for the Demeter movement. People meet there, work together on the agricultural course, make preparations and allow a strong and self-confident biodynamic community to develop, with its own advisory service and good nationwide structures. A domestic organic market is increasingly building up. There is huge interest in it.
Hans Supenkämper
Bild: Demeter-Konferenz in der Türkei 2015 bei Aydin Gülyagi

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