Yusuf’s Rose Garden

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Yusuf’s Rose Garden, Hans Supenkämper

In Turkey I came across Yusuf and Kenan Aydin’s farm where roses are cultivated for essential oil. Having seen many other rose fields in many other countries, it was very clear that these roses from the small rose village of Ardicli were the very best I had experienced. Fortunately, Yusuf can speak German because he lived with his family in Cologne for many years. So we were able to communicate and exchange in German. 

Soon we made a „contract“, I showed him how to work biodynamically and how to make compost, and he showed me how he cultivates his roses, his rose garden! This book should now be a big thank you to Yusuf and Kenan, his son, for all that I was able to learn there. It was important for me to write all this down to make it available for other people, and to thank and honour Yusuf with it.

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