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December 2021

The world on the spot

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Initiatives such as the Wanderschule show that active work connects people and can be a bridge across all differences.

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Worldwide: Growing together biodynamically

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The international active Wanderschule supports biodynamic development in many countries of the world. An important concern of our work is to gain independence from European companies and markets and to find ways of biodynamics and regional cooperation that suit the own culture. It is the diversity of approaches that opens up the possibility of learning…

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Turkey: Understanding biodynamics better

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A strong biodynamic community is emerging in Turkey MMehmet Unal, responsible for the Demeter control of Aydin GĂĽlyagi’s rose farm, asked me a few years ago: “How can I better understand biodynamic agriculture?” That was the initial impulse for the founding of Wanderschule. Since then we have been supporting the committed pioneers in their biodynamic…

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South Eastern Europe: A biodynamic peace project

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For more than 20 years Reto Ingold has been on a consulting mission in South-Eastern Europe. He has come to the sobering realisation that the biodynamic pioneers are completely focused on their contacts with purchasers in Western Europe. So far they have hardly noticed each other. He reports. The wish for a mutual meeting of…

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Date palm with fruits

Tunisia: Strengthening farmers’ self-organisation

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In Tunisia, small farmers dominate the agricultural landscape. However, they are entirely dependent on export companies. The Wanderschule supports the strengthening of smallholder structures through networking and educational opportunities so that, in addition to know-how, motivation for alliances is formed. This is an important precondition for the smallholder “groupements” to take up the biodynamic impulse…

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South Africa: Power and warmth

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South Africa’s biodynamic movement was shaped by Jeanne Malherbe, whose work can still be experienced today, especially in the many biodynamic wineries. There is an extremely active biodynamic movement in South Africa, which is making fascinating efforts to educate young people. Helen van Zyl is tirelessly engaged in the sense of this particular task. Because…

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