The Roots of Wanderschule – Earth Quality

stands for: Structuring, Organising, Providing

Like any plant, an organisation too needs a ground in which it can root in order to develop itself and with which it develops. Because so, just as the plant is dependent on the supply through the soil at the beginning of its growth, it evolves, over time, into a rhythmic cooperation of the plant with the soil. As described by Edwin Scheller, the youth phase requires an availability of soil additives, in order to enable the plant’s light structure and the supply of the soil later by self-activity. And like the plant, Wanderschule should be down to earth, thus start small, but offer the opportunity to develop into something big.

Thereby we see ourselves in the responsibility of developing a good structure in order to be able to work professionally and economically. This is the only way to develop into a binding and reliable partner in practice who, through the quality of his work, has a radiant power over the previous limits of the biodynamic movement and thus contributes to their expansion. In this sense, the Wanderschule is initially dependent on donations from foundations and buying companies, but is increasingly financed by services for buying companies, as well as for farms and organisations in the countries with advisory requirements.