The Idea of Wanderschule – Light Quality

stands for: Searching, Finding, Maintaining
The cultivation of the spiritual life should serve us as a source of inspiration and permeate our work with light.

It is about a spiritually expanded understanding of the importance of agriculture for humanity. We want to create free, open spaces for the exchange and development of biodynamic agriculture, in which impulses from the future can be added (Adventus stream). These can then be implemented and further developed individually and freely according to the different biographies and individualities.

The human being is made the basis. The principles of biodynamic agriculture as an extended view of agriculture from the anthroposophical knowledge of man serve us as a source of inspiration. Only the different view of the same thing leads to a further development out of the community. From a harmony of opposites an extended understanding of nature and man emerges. We want to cultivate the spiritual, work in the social, in order to strengthen the practical biodynamic.