Education as a service of Wanderschule – Water Quality

stands for: Impulsing, Creating Consciousness, and Letting Go

Wanderschule wants to enable people to produce good products out of their own enthusiasm and through honest biodynamic work. In doing so, we build on the biographies of the farmers and the farm, impart the necessary specialist knowledge and link up with potential buyers of the products and their requirements. We want to enable a living balance and constant further development between the ideal and the individual possibilities of the human beings and of the farm. We place here the greatest emphasis on sharing all our knowledge, making people able to become independent and to develop their businesses and advisory organisations on their own. Close contacts to the customers of the products and the requirements of the market as well as to the Demeter organisations and the section for agriculture help us to be good development facilitators.

We offer our services internationally. These are in particular:
• We support individual companies in the world in the design of their farm individuality in the field of tension between the local and personal circumstances and the requirements of the customers.
• We empower consultants, inspectors and multipliers through training to become active on farms in accordance with our ideals of biodynamic consulting described above.
• We support organisations in the development of their advisory services.